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Acceptable ID means:

  • Driver Licence or Learner Permit (from any country) including Digital Driver Licences.
  • Passport (from any country).
  • KEYPASS Photo ID Card or Keypass in Digital iD
  • Any other recognised Proof/Evidence of Age/Identity or Photo Card.

All Acceptable ID must be written in English or if not written in English then accompanied by an official English translation.

For a foreign Driver Licence not written in English, an International Driver Permit issued in the foreign country of origin (and including a photo of the licence holder and translation) should be presented with the Foreign Driver Licence.

If you have accessible booking requirements, including wheelchair and/or companion card requirements please:

Contact Ticketmaster:
Call:      1300 446 925
Hours:  Monday – Friday, 9AM-4PM AEDT (excluding Public Holidays)
Email:   accessibletickets@ticketmaster.com.au

This email address is reserved for patrons with accessibility requirements and companion card holders. If emailing, please ensure you include the Event Name, Venue, Date and Time along with your contact details.

The Festival is fully licensed. Alcohol is not permitted to be brought into, or removed from, the Festival.
Only alcohol purchased at the Festival may be consumed at the Festival in the permitted areas. Please do not bring alcohol with you as you will be required to surrender it and it will not be returned and the offending patron(s) may be ejected from the Festival for the remainder of the Festival.

There may be designated licensed areas to comply with relevant licensing laws applicable to each Venue.

No pets are allowed into the Festival. Guide dogs are, of course, allowed at the Festival.

The ticket is for the Festival, not the individual artists.  In the very unlikely event that any artist cancels, there will be no refunds on tickets except where required by law or in accordance with Live Performance Australia’s Ticketing Code of Practice which is available on their website.

The playing times for Artists will be up on our website soon. keep your eye on our website and socials to make sure you have all the updates.

Yes, there will be ATMs at the festival.

Please don’t bring a bag unless it is absolutely essential. Backpacks of any size are not permitted.

If you need to bring a bag it cannot be larger than the Maximum Allowed Bag Size.
Maximum Allowed Bag Size is A3 size (30cm x 42cm x 10cm).

All patrons with bags will be subject to bag checking and other security measures upon arrival at the Venue. Please arrive early to ensure that you have plenty of time to proceed through security checks and any required check-in points prior to entering the Venue.

If you are collecting tickets from the Box Office you need Acceptable ID. Refer to the Terms of Sale for Acceptable ID.

You also need to bring the credit card used to purchase the tickets.

You can bring a personal digital camera. SLR cameras are okay; professional photography equipment (eg telephoto lenses; any lens over 20cm; any detachable lens) is not okay and will not be allowed at the Festival without Promoter-issued media accreditation.  Festival staff will determine in their discretion whether something is professional photography equipment so if you’re not sure, then we suggest you leave it at home. Photos of artists and/or the Festival are permitted only on the basis that:

  1. images are only used for private and personal use;
  2. images cannot be made available for sale/for charity and/or public display.

No chairs are permitted to be brought into the Festival.

There will not be cloakroom facilities available at the Festival.

A Collector Ticket is a souvenir, 3D style ticket which admits the holder to the Festival and serves as a treasured keepsake to keep after the Festival.

Collector Tickets can be purchased through the normal purchase process – just be sure to select a “Collector Ticket” specifically when choosing your ticket type.

Collector Tickets can only be delivered via mail, and cannot be sent as Print-at-Home or E-Tickets, or collected from outlets or the venue.

Collector Tickets are biodegradable.

Collector Tickets will arrive approximately two (2) weeks prior to the Festival Date.

There are no concession or pensioner tickets available for the festival. We only have one ticket category available which is GA (General Admission).

Sandstone Point also has VIP upgrades.

There will be EFTPOS facilities available at the bars, merchandise and food outlets. There will be ATM machines available onsite for cash withdrawals.


There will be free water stations at the Venue. Patrons may bring in an EMPTY translucent (clear) refillable plastic water bottle. NO GLASS OR METAL BOTTLES ARE ALLOWED.

No other beverages may be brought into the Venue.

No food can be brought into the Venue. Patrons with special dietary requirements may be permitted to bring their own food (personal quantity only).

All Festivals (except Coffs Harbour)
Gates Open:      12:30pm
Festival Ends:      9:30pm

Coffs Harbour
Gates Open:      11:30am
Festival Ends:      8:30pm

This is a fully general admission standing event. This means there is no reserved or allocated seating.

This may change depending on any COVID Safe guidelines that the Festival is required to comply with.  We will update our website if this happens.

We will provide updates on Lost & Found  closer to the Festival Dates.

Look after your ticket as it cannot be replaced.

We are working through the parking options available for the Festival. Information about public transport options and parking will be posted on the Festival website closer to the Festival date.

No pass-outs are available at the Festival.

All Prohibited Items must be surrendered and will not be returned.

  • Chairs, cushions or blankets of any kind
  • Backpacks of any size
  • Bags larger than A3 in size (30cm x 42cm x 10cm)
  • All beverages (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) – there will be free water refill stations available at the Venue
  • Food (except as outlined above in Food & Drink)
  • Glass (jars, bottles, containers, mirrors, perfumes, etc)
  • Metal and hard plastic containers (drink bottles, cups, etc)
  • Hydration packs and reservoirs (eg Camelbaks)
  • Audio or video recording devices (including GoPro and similar)
  • iPads and tablets
  • Professional photography equipment (eg telephoto lenses; any lens over 20cm; any detachable lens; stands or other commercial equipment or anything deemed by Festival staff to be professional photography equipment)
  • Monopods, tripods or attachment sticks (selfie-sticks)
  • Air horns
  • Weapons or explosives of any kind (including potential missiles)
  • Illegal substances
  • Animals (excluding service dogs such as guide dogs and police or emergency service dogs)
  • Nitrous oxide bulbs and canisters
  • Flares, fireworks, sparklers explosives, or any fire twirling equipment
  • Fires and open flames
  • Flammable liquids
  • Musical instruments
  • Sound systems
  • Portable laser equipment, laser pointers and pens
  • Sharpies, markers, paint cans or paint pens
  • Drones or other remote-control devices
  • Anything studded (ie belts, wristbands etc)
  • Skateboards, scooters, wagons, carts, rollerblades, roller skates, electric bikes, bicycles, quad-bikes, segways, hoverboards, self-balancing scooters or any personal motorised vehicles
  • Unauthorised solicitation materials including handbills, flyers, stickers, beach balls, give-aways, samples, or other promotional items
  • Eskies, coolers or any hard food and beverage storage vessels
  • Umbrellas, tents and sunshades
  • Confetti or shredded paper
  • Large flags or banners
  • Kites or sky lanterns
  • Toy guns, water guns or slingshots
  • Prams, pushers, strollers, baby capsules, car seats or bassinets
  • Clothing, jewellery or accessory displaying the name of any motorcycle-related or similar organisations or any “declared criminal organisation” within the meaning of the Criminal Code (Criminal Organisations) Regulation 2013
  • Any other item deemed by Festival staff (in their discretion) to be dangerous or offensive or potentially dangerous.

Check the A Day On The Green website here for Permitted Items and Prohibited Items.

If the Festival sells out, we may decide to offer an official Ticket Resale and/or Ticket Reissue facility which will allow purchasers to re-sell and/or re-issue names on their Tickets.

If this facility is established, we will provide details at a later date.

This will be the only authorised facility through which Tickets can be re-sold or re-issued.

It is a condition of entry to the Festival that a search of you and/or your possessions may be required at the time of entry to the Festival.  If you do not consent to such searches, you may be denied entry to the Festival without refund. Any Prohibited Items must be surrendered and will not be returned.

There is no seating at the Festival. All tickets for the Festival are General Admission.

Most Festivals operate a No Smoking + No Vaping policy and you must comply with any such policy.

If a Festival does permit smoking and/or vaping it will be clearly signposted and there will be designated areas in the Festival and smoking and vaping will be permitted in those designated areas, subject to applicable laws in place at the time of the Festival.

The Solar Slice is a $1.00 (GST inclusive) contribution from each Ticket sold to the Festival which is paid to FEAT Australia.  This money goes towards helping reduce carbon emissions and waste generated by live events with the aim of maximising positive environmental outcomes.

There are limits on purchasing tickets for the Festival. You can buy up to ten (10) tickets per transaction.

All Festivals (except Sandstone Point):
All festivals are GA (General Admission) events.
GA Ticket: $121.00 (GST inclusive) + Booking Fee and Transaction Fee.
GA Collector Ticket: $133.50 (GST inclusive) + Booking Fee and Transaction Fee.
VIP Ticket: There are no VIP tickets to these Festivals.

Authorised Ticketing Agent:Ticketmaster Australasia Pty Ltd

Sandstone Point:
GA Ticket: $121.00 (GST inclusive) + Booking Fee and Transaction Fee.
GA Collector Ticket: $133.50 (GST inclusive) + Booking Fee and Transaction Fee.
VIP Ticket: $171.00 (GST inclusive) + Booking Fee and Transaction Fee.
VIP Collector Ticket : $183.50 (GST inclusive) + Booking Fee and Transaction Fee.
Platinum VIP Ticket: $271.00 (GST inclusive) + Booking Fee and Transaction Fee.
Platinum VIP Collector Ticket: $283.50 (GST inclusive) + Booking Fee and Transaction Fee.

VIP packages and Platinum VIP packages are available

Check the Sandstone Point website for details.
Authorised Ticketing Agent:   Ticketmaster Australasia Pty Ltd

Information about public transport options and parking will be posted on the Festival website closer to the Festival date.

No umbrellas are permitted in the Festival.

The Festivals are all-weather events and will proceed rain or shine.
Only exceptionally severe weather conditions will affect the festival so be prepared.
Umbrellas, tents and sunshades cannot be brought into the Festival so if the weather looks dodgy, bring a raincoat or poncho.

Please do not experiment with alcohol or drugs. Know your limits if you plan to drink and make sure you keep hydrated, well fed and don’t leave your drink unattended. There are free water stations around the venue.

If you or a friend feel unwell, seek help immediately, and be honest with medical staff. Drugs are prohibited at the festival. If found with these on entry you will not be allowed to enter the festival. If found with these at the festival, you will be removed from the festival. Taking drugs is never without risk, especially if you take a high dose or mix with other drugs, prescription medication or alcohol. Arrange a meeting point with friends within the festival in case you get separated.

Always plan how you are getting home.

Be sure to check the website for other entry guidelines and check back for updates on Artist Playing Times, Transport and Parking and Re-Sale and Re-Issue of Tickets.

We may edit these FAQs from time to time by publishing the changed FAQs on our website.  Any variation becomes effective from the date of publication.

These FAQs were last updated on 28 November 2021.